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Wednesday Lunch Club

Wednesday lunch club

Would you like to attend a new session in our upstairs activity room on Wednesdays at 1pm? (A stair lift is available).

This is a new session that is open to couples (a person with dementia and their carer) who want to spend a couple of hours among friends.

Bring your own sandwiches and enjoy your lunch in the company of others. We will provide tea, coffee and biscuits.

Once you have been to a couple of sessions we would like to get your views. You may just want to sit, chat and enjoy each other’s company.

If there is interest, we will provide some activities such as reminiscence, colouring, jigsaws, dominos and quizzes to keep you all busy. We may also do a bit of group karaoke (that is more fun than it sounds!).

Why not come along and meet others in a warm, safe and supportive environment.

The new sessions start on Wednesday 4th October 2023 at 1pm.

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