Imagine what it is like to lose your cherished memories – they are here today but gone tomorrow – this is what happens to people who have dementia

 Imagine watching the very essence of a relative or friend disappear in front of your eyes – here today, gone tomorrow – this is what being a carer for someone with dementia faces every day

 Imagine that you find a carer support service that is your lifeline – how would you feel if this was taken away from you – here today but gone tomorrow?

BIADS’ support service for carers has been running since 2012 when Jacky joined us and took on a caseload of 20 carers.  Since then Jacky has been joined by Lesley and between them they support just over 200 carers at any one time.

Sadly that support is still in jeopardy and we may have to stop the service as we cannot currently find funding to carry on for much longer.

So we have launched our ‘Here today, gone tomorrow’ appeal and we are looking for at least 300 people to give £10 a month on an ongoing basis – this would secure the service we currently provide.  If the appeal is more successful then we may be able to offer more support which would be wonderful.  However let’s work on keeping what we have for now.  £10 a month would be fantastic but any amount a month would be great or one off donations would also be gratefully accepted.

If you can support this appeal please set up a standing order with your bank for whatever amount you choose to donate per month.  Our bank account number is: 65817830 and the sort code is: 08-92-99.  Please add ‘SOS appeal’ as the reference.

Alternatively you can download the form below and take this to your bank or send to BIADS at: BIADS’ Dementia Support Centre, Joseph Exley House, Dean Street, Barnsley, S70 6EX.