If you know someone who is caring for a person with dementia why not give them one of the most precious things you can – some time for themselves.

You can purchase care for a person with dementia for a day (£50), half day (£30) or a number of hours (£9 an hour) at BIADS’ Dementia Day Care Centre, 12 Regent Street, in Barnsley town centre.

This could be a birthday present, Christmas box, or just to say to someone that you care and that you are thinking of them.

For more details or to purchase a care gift card please contact BIADS on 01226 280057 or e-mail biads@btconnect.com

Subject to assessment and availability.  Specific dates cannot be guaranteed.  If for any reason this gift cannot be redeemed a full refund will be given.

Any surplus funds from the day care centre will go directly to BIADS’ dementia support charity.

BIADS’ Dementia Day Care Centre, The Old Courthouse, 12 Regent Street, Barnsley, S70 2EW – Opening February 2020.

Volunteers needed!