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BIADS – “Go the Extra Mile”



  Do you have what it takes to go the extra mile for the people of Barnsley whose lives are affected by dementia?  If the answer is yes, then join us in our “Go the Extra Mile Challenge”. Staff, volunteers and our members are planning to cycle, walk or row collectively 300 miles from the comfort of our own gym.  This challenge is open to anyone and all fitness abilities and you don’t have to be a gym buff to take part, the amount of miles you do and the pace you set is up to you. Look she’s here Linda Lethargic, gearing herself up to start her 20 miles for the “Go the Extra Mile” challenge.  She’s sat on the bike five times so far but she hasn’t set off yet so at this rate she might have finished them by Christmas.  Harvey is trying his best to encourage her but the only thing that’s going to get her motivated is your donations. If you would like to give Linda an incentive to get going please sponsor her by adding your name to her sponsor form or by visiting our just giving page by following the link “Go the Extra Mile” – JustGiving For those of you that do donate you are invited to come and see her suffering in the name of BIADS on Friday 22nd September in our very own gym around 10am.  

Thank you for everyone’s support

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