BIADS is a registered charity and limited company by guarantee formed by Barnsley people



BIADS is an organisation formed by Barnsley people to provide support to those who have any form of dementia and their families and friends

Since we are an independent group serving the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley we can guarantee that all funds raised and donations received will be used here in Barnsley

What Does BIADS Do?

From our dedicated centre in Barnsley we provide support to those affected by dementia, their carers, families and friends by providing information, emotional support, social opportunities, meaningful activities and events

Through our range of services we hope to enable our members to live well with dementia in the community


We have chosen the ‘tree of hearts’ to symbolise the ethos of our organisation

The trunk of the tree represents BIADS with our roots firmly in the Barnsley community

The hearts represent those people who have dementia and those who love and care for them

The branches are the services that BIADS offers – reaching out to support those affected by dementia in Barnsley

How can you help?

Make a one-off donation

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Offer your time and expertise

Become a member, please get in touch for a form

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