At challenging times like this, we see the community spirit of South Yorkshire people demonstrated in many ways. We know that groups are setting up all over the county to offer support to people who are isolating. Whilst in the vast majority of these cases, the individuals will be well intentioned, there may be some who see this as an opportunity for their own criminal gain.
People carrying out shopping on your behalf, will at some point need to be paid. If you give them cash, how do you know they will come back with the goods? If you give them your bank cards, they have access to all of your funds.
Action Fraud and Age UK worked together to create this film on doorstep fraud which we think will help set out our concerns and offers you some helpful steps on ways in which you can protect yourself.
if you can’t access this link, type it into your browser and you will find it
They suggest this easy way of remembering how best to protect yourself and your loved ones if someone comes to your door offering help.
• Stop – never do anything you don’t want to or make any decisions on the spot
• Check – Check for ID but remember most of these are community volunteers so wouldn’t necessarily have ID. There is no way of knowing whether they are legitimate
• Ask – Ask someone you trust for a second opinion, or ask them if they can provide the support you need.
• Mine – If they ask for your card or your pin, remember this is very personal information which should not be shared
• Share – If you come across a scam, share your experience with others if possible to prevent them from being scammed.
Doorstep fraud is a crime. It happens to a wide range of people with all sorts of backgrounds. Please report it if it happens to you
We also encourage you to share this information with your loved ones.
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