Relax and Revive

In partnership with Qdos Creates

Qdos Creates provide Relax and Revive workshops for carers and those affected by dementia ,unlocking creativity and developing confidence and self esteem through a range of creative mediums. The sessions consist of a mixture of movement, drama, music and song, creative writing and poetry. These activities are used to draw out creative ideas and tap into memories in order to help participants express themselves as an individual and build new relationships and/or re connect people with their families and/or communities.

Qdos Creates work with the elderly has proved very successful in all settings as it allows participants a chance to show their talents and celebrate their individuality. This is particularly important to older people and those with dementia  as they are often victims of isolation and discrimination. The activities give them a vehicle to express themselves and this often improves their overall wellbeing and health.


In groups of four sessions referred by our Carer Support service

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