Multi-Sensory Sessions

Engaging all five senses to relax or stimulate

Thanks to funding from Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group we own our own Multi-Sensory Unit (MSU) and have developed a separate Multi Sensory room in which it is housed and we are excited about the opportunities we hope it will provide to improve feelings of well-being for both carers and people with dementia.

We have studied research from around the world on the use and benefits of an MSU with people with dementia which has inspired us to introduce this into our core services.  It offers another dimension enabling us to service the needs of our members.  We are currently developing activities and strategies using the MSU and we will be inviting members to come and experience the unit.

We can arrange relaxation sessions for carers, half an hour reclining in comfort with the MSU creating a pleasant calming environment where you can spend time being kind to yourself.

Referral / Criteria

If you are a carer and would like to help us to develop the relaxation sessions and guide us on what would be best practice, please speak to your BIADS carer support worker. Referral for people with dementia is also through your carer support worker and activity workers.