Life Story Group

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Life Story Work

Gives our members the opportunity to talk about their life experiences and our trained volunteers are there to help record a person’s past and present life with the aim of using this life story to benefit them now and in the future.

The potential benefits of Life Story Work as an intervention for people with dementia and their families have been recognised for some time, in terms of promoting individualised care, improving assessment, building relationships between care staff and family carers as well as improving communication. (Clarke 2002, Bryan and Maxim 1998).

At BIADS we love helping our members create their own life story books because we get to know the person behind the diagnosis and that is always a great privilege for us.  Matched with a volunteer, our members are given the opportunity to create their own life story book as a way of capturing their past, acknowledging the present and preparing  for their future.

Referrals / Criteria

Referrals are through BIADS Carer Support Service and Activity Services for those people with dementia who it is thought would benefit from this opportunity.