Group Befriending

People with dementia supporting each other

Group Befriending

A volunteer led service for people with dementia.  Co-ordinated by our Befriending for People with Dementia service this group is run by trained volunteers who provide a safe environment for members to get together and take part in group activities.

Primarily the group is for the benefit of people with dementia living alone where a suitable individual volunteer cannot be matched for a variety of reasons.  Members come together weekly on Tuesday mornings in the support centre with trained volunteers, to take part in activities that can both stimulate or relax the person with dementia and this will be led by their choice at each session.  (maximum five attendees per session)

Currently we are able to offer the group to other members where it is felt both the person with dementia and their carer would benefit.  The current group is being run for gentlemen but we hope to be able to provide a ladies group soon.

Referral /Criteria

Referrals will be made by your Carer Support Worker, if you are interested in this service  please mention it to them.

The person with dementia can attend the support centre alone during the group and carers are encouraged to take the time for themselves to have a break.  The person must be able to get safely to the support centre by organised transport or with a  family member and then picked up or assisted back onto organised transport after the session.

Group members will initially be given a ten week option for group befriending and then places will be reviewed in light of continued suitability, benefit achieved , the waiting list for the service and staff and volunteer resources.  At the moment the group runs Tuesdays’ 10:30 am till 12 noon

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