Circle Dancing

Leave your worries at the door

 Circle Dancing

Circle dancing is something we at BIADS are passionate about, it is a dance form practised throughout the world but here in Barnsley the steps have been especially adapted for people affected by dementia.

Circle dancing is for couples where one person has dementia and is a time when carers and their loved ones can be together as partners learning something new as friends on an equal footing instead of carer and patient.  The dance steps are easy and the music is soothing, the joy is being together and letting our cares drift away, in the company of new friends.

One of our members says, “Circle Dancing should be on the NHS as it is just wonderful.  When I was caring for my friend we both loved our time at the circle dance.  For those two hours a week we got to be friends again, she loved the music and dancing and I loved being with other carers and our partners with dementia enjoying ourselves.  I saw people arrive with the cares and frustrations of the week on their faces and then watched them drift away as we danced and chatted.”

Referral / Criteria

Circle dancing is by referral through our Carer Support Service, so if you are interested speak to your BIADS support worker.  Participants have to be physically able to dance although the steps are the least important part of the sessions.  Both carer and the person with dementia must dance together in the circle .  Circle dancing is a weekly activity and we hope you will dance with us for years; we only ask that you both benefit from the sessions.

When the person with dementia is no longer able to dance with us the carer will be able to continue dancing for three months with their group and then they will be signposted to our KIT Club.