Carer Support Group

Meet and share experiences with other carers

Carer Support Group

With only carers of people with dementia and a BIADS’ carer support worker present, we have two weekly support groups, Tuesdays and Thursdays, which meet whilst the person with dementia takes part in our Jabadao or activity groups.  The sessions usually run for ten weeks followed by a two week break and then another ten weeks.  Please visit the Jabadao and activity group pages to see the referral criteria

Because every journey with dementia is unique it is impossible to find the text book that tells you what is happening and how to deal with it; wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Someone said, when you have met one dementia expert you have still only met one expert on one experience with dementia, so it is natural to feel lost and anxious about the right thing to do.  So as well as all the clinical information and standard advice that tries to  cover all areas of the illness, which is available from your support worker, this group gives you the chance to hear how others in your situation are coping now and also allows you to help and support them

When we were carers the support we found crucial was the information that we got from others in the same situation.  When someone says “that happened to me, I did this and it worked for us” it can be such a relief not only because you know you are not the only one this is happening to, but because that tip or piece of advice may enable you to improve the well-being of you and your loved one.  For a lot of carers the group might be the only time you get to talk about any concerns, challenges and frustrations without the person with dementia being present.  We always say there is nothing that you are feeling or want to get off your chest that we haven’t heard before.  No-one will judge you, your experience is unique to you

One of our carer support workers will lead the group and can arrange guest speakers to attend if, as a group, you want to hear from a specialist in any particular area e.g. benefits, technology etc

We often see wonderful friendships and informal support groups form from the BIADS’ groups and when the twenty weeks of meetings end (as new members join us) we hope that group members will continue to support each other throughout their journey and continue to access lots of other BIADS’ services that bring you together

Your relationship with your carer support worker will continue as normal and you will still have the access you need , when you need it, and for as long as you need it

Referral / Criteria

The group is accessible through our carer support service

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