A positive outcome of “lockdown” for BIADS has been the creation of a new service, Volunteer Befriending. 25 amazing volunteers currently support 40 of our members by regularly contacting them by telephone to have a chat and to highlight any worries. The service was set up to reduce social isolation, loneliness and help build friendships. The telephone calls have proven invaluable to our members and volunteers are also benefitting by being able to provided much needed support. The service has also allowed BIADS to reconnect with members who for various reasons have not been accessing other services.
With the easing of “lockdown” we have recently developed the service to include home visits, in members’ gardens, with strict guidance in place. The befriending service will be integrated into our carer support service, long term, thanks to the Henry Smith charity.
If anyone is interesting in joining our team of volunteers or wants to discuss this service further please contact Janet Scholey, Volunteer Coordinator via e-mail Janet@biads.org.uk or via telephone 01226 280057. We hope to hold a training course in mid October so sign up and find out about this opportunity – there is nothing to lose!!!!