On Friday 13th March we held our Annual General Meeting and officially opened our Day Care Service.  It was a brilliant day with 92 people attending and finding out about our financial year ended 30th September 2019. None of us who took part in that day of celebrations could have known that by the end of Monday 16th March we would take the decision to close all our services and ask staff to work from home where possible.  Much has happened in the last fortnight and we are trying to do what we can to keep in touch with our members during this difficult time.

However, we still have a great deal to celebrate about our last financial year: much time was spent on setting up our day care centre, our activities staff continued to offer 18 different services, our carer support staff kept in touch with 300 + families affected by dementia, funding and fundraising continued apace and all of this work was underpinned by our amazing team of volunteers and staff.  We are happy to say we finished the year in a satisfactory financial position – how current events will affect us financially is yet to be seen.

At the end of the event on the 13th March we looked forward to celebrating our 10th birthday in June.  Well that looks very much in doubt but it is postponed not cancelled as are all our plans.  Our aims moving forward may be on hold but we will pick them up again when we can.  Much is uncertain for now – we know our income will be affected as people can’t organise events for us so we will be looking at making funding bids ongoing.  If anyone can help us in any way please get in touch and if you need our help ring us on 280057 and we will do whatever we can.